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Attic Cleaning

6/22/2023 (Permalink)

Rats can infest your attic and create a huge health hazard for you and your family. Our team at SERVPRO® have performed multiple attic cleanings with rat infestation. 

The process on paper is easy but the actual work is hard because it will require multiple technicians to work and crawl while wearing PPE gear to protect their skin and lungs from inhaling the toxic smell of rat poop and pee. This requires professional and training and expertise to complete the job. 

In the process that the pee has penetrated your ceiling too much, it might be best to tear out your ceiling. 

Call us if you have any questions and you would like an inspection. Our team is ready to help and mitigate the problem for you... Like it never even happened. 

Filing An Insurance Claim

12/25/2020 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Property got damaged by a fire

Should I File A Claim? 

When you've had a water or fire damage in your property one of the questions to ask is should I file a claim. 

A claim whether how big or small gets on your record so it is important for a company like SERVPRO to perform a FREE damage assessment to you property to determine the scope of work. Once that claim is filed there is no turning back and that is why it is important to have a SERVPRO expert inspect the property for FREE to provide you the best guidance about your damages. 

SERVPRO will perform a moisture mapping of the property to determine the extent of the damages or a fire damage inspection report to determine which areas of the property is affected. 

SERVPRO is also an insurance preferred vendor by major insurance companies like State Farm, Farmer's Insurance, AAA of Southern California, Mercury Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, Travelers Insurance, The Hartford, CHUBB and many more. 

Once next steps is determined SERVPRO will do all the heavy lifting for you to help restore your property "Like it never even happened." We are a full service restoration company that does mitigation, remediation, abatement, packout and construction for all your restoration needs. We're available 24/7 every day so just give us a call and someone will be there to assist you. 

For a FREE Damage assessment please call us at 213-245-1999. 

Junk Removal Services

1/27/2020 (Permalink)

Accumulated Junk Unwanted items that has been accumulated over the years.

Whether it is an unwanted couch or unwanted household items that has built up over the years, let SERVPRO® Property Restoration do the heavy lifting for you. 

Our junk hauling rates are the most affordable in the industry cause we have the proven methods to get it done. Although we are experts, junk hauling is not our main business. We perform this service so that in the event of  a water damage, fire damage or mold remediation whether it is for residential or commercial, hopefully you'll remember the great service that we have provided. 

Our rates are as follows: 

1/8 load - $195

1/4 load - $365

1/3 load - $415

1/2 load - $515

2/3 load - $615

3/4 load - $690

Full Load - $745

The size of our truck is 14'10" long x 5'10" wide x 6'5" tall. 

We pick up everything from old entertainment centers, electronics, couches, dining tables, etc. All we request is for these items to be accessible for easy hauling cause we do charge extra for additional hauling time but only if we can't make an exception. 

We do not pick up paint or any items containing hazardous materials like lead, asbestos, chemical and oil. 

Give us a call at 213-245-1999 or

email me at

How To Clean Smoke Damage In Your Property

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Firefighters battling wildfire Smoke Damage

When the heavy and gusty winds starts blowing in Southern California, this is considered fire season. It is very important for you be prepared when this happens and especially if you live close to the mountains or any areas where there are a lot of dry brush. 

Homes are not air tight even if you have your doors and windows closed and that is why important for you to clean the air if your house smells like smoke. 

The procedure of cleaning a house is very tedious and needs to be done in the correct process so you won't spreading any soot in the house after cleaning them. 

One other area that homeowners fail to check is their attic and it is very possible that you have smoke damage as well, most times the insulation will need to be replaced. 

If you have experienced a smoke damage call the pros like us and we will restore your property to preloss condition "Like it never even happened". 

SERVPRO® for Commercial Properties

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

When people think of SERVPRO® they think of restoring residential properties. 

SERVPRO® is the leading restoration company in the world and we focus on both residential and commercial properties. Whether it is a corner strip center, industrial warehouse, malls, buildings or hospitals we are there and fastest to any size disaster. 

We are the premier choice for your commercial restoration needs. We vary differently from other restoration companies cause we are not a set it and forget it type of company. We will monitor and communicate progress and we will accommodate our customers needs to make sure there is minimal business interruption. 

If you have suffered a loss on your commercial property, give us a call and we will restore your property ... Like it never even happened. 

How to clean after a water damage?

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage caused by appliance plumbing issues Appliance causing water damage

If you wake up one morning and find your house flooded, it is important for you to determine the best course of action before doing anything. 

- Turn off your main water source which is typically found outside of your home in your main line or in your garage. 

- Before stepping into standing water, make sure that the water is not electronically charged by an appliance or electronics. 

- Unplug any electronics and appliance that can potentially charge the standing water if any. 

- Start taking pictures/videos of your property. This is very important cause this will help you when filing a claim with your insurance. 

- Try to move your furniture from any standing water to prevent further damaging them.

- Lift any items off the floor and depending where it is and the type of water that caused the loss, elevate them or put them all in one area so you can determine what is restorable and what is not. 

Last and most importantly, call us, the experts and will inspect and document everything for you. We will determine where the water has migrated and start mitigation so we can stop potential additional damage to your property. 

We will restore your property ... "Like it never even happened". 

Document Restoration by SERVPRO®

9/2/2019 (Permalink)

The valued documents may get damaged due to various factors like water, fire, storm, humidity, and many more. This situation is a nightmare. Don’t worry; we at SERVPRO®, being the leader in the document restoration industry with years of experience in restoring the damaged documents can help you.                                  

The process of Document Restoration is highly challenging as it requires thorough knowledge and skill and the latest technology to perform the task. Thus, we have all the necessary skills and latest state-of-art-technology that will help in recovering the damaged goods in no time and make them look like the same they were earlier.

Our Document Restoration provision follows:

  • Advanced Technology

Our document restoration process includes sterilization through the voguish vacuum-free drying method or gamma radiate technology. NARA and GSA authorities approve the vacuum-free drying method.  

  • Digital System

We use a digital inventory management system for digitizing the documents while doing document restoration.

  • Adaptable Structure

The work structure is adaptable depending on the requirements of the particulars lost. Both the residential and commercial platforms are covered.

  • Secure and Firm Approach

The document restoration with us is secure as it is done by professionals who are HIPPA master- certificate holders. The technicians are under 24-hour surveillance.

  • Full Range of Services

All the services of the restoration process are covered by SERVPRO. It includes services like drying, cleaning, disinfecting, re-jacketing, digitization, and sterilization.

Types of Documents

  • Paper scripts
  • Books or journals
  • Publications
  • Typescript or files
  • Catalogs
  • Drafts, sketches, maps, technical drawings
  • Photographs, negatives, films, imprints
  • Parchment paper
  • X-rays.

 Cleaning and Disinfecting the Documents

The documents, if exposed to water damage, may get infected by bacteria, virus, or detrimental chemicals. Such materials, when touched by the hands, are likely to spread the infection. This is why we at SERVPRO use gamma radiation technology to clean and disinfect such documents.

Digitization of Documents

Document restoration offers the digitization of the papers. In this process, all the types of documents are converted into the digital format that can help you keep the information safe for the future. The materials once saved are protected in computers, and then no more damage can happen to the digital configuration.


Even a leaking pipe or humidity can ruin the essential papers and files. Thus, the professionals of SERVPRO® use the latest technology to safeguard the documents. The whole idea is to keep the records protected for long term use.