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How to clean after a water damage?

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage caused by appliance plumbing issues Appliance causing water damage

If you wake up one morning and find your house flooded, it is important for you to determine the best course of action before doing anything. 

- Turn off your main water source which is typically found outside of your home in your main line or in your garage. 

- Before stepping into standing water, make sure that the water is not electronically charged by an appliance or electronics. 

- Unplug any electronics and appliance that can potentially charge the standing water if any. 

- Start taking pictures/videos of your property. This is very important cause this will help you when filing a claim with your insurance. 

- Try to move your furniture from any standing water to prevent further damaging them.

- Lift any items off the floor and depending where it is and the type of water that caused the loss, elevate them or put them all in one area so you can determine what is restorable and what is not. 

Last and most importantly, call us, the experts and will inspect and document everything for you. We will determine where the water has migrated and start mitigation so we can stop potential additional damage to your property. 

We will restore your property ... "Like it never even happened".